You’re Either Doing Or You’re Making Excuses

You’re either doing or you’re making excuses. Every day you use that time for excuses could be a day when you’re doing. Chris Brogan post yoga

When you get into doing, you get to stop feeling guilty. You get to stop working up excuses. You get to claim more success. You get to add a tiny victory to your mental toughness box.


  1. The most helpful thing I learned from you is how much I can accomplish in 10 minute and 5 minute blocks of time. Thank you.

  2. But some of my best work is the great excuses I’ve come up with over the years!

    Obviously not. Thanks, I need this reminder everyday.

  3. Nadya

    I’m making excuses. And watching myself do it. Trying extremely hard to break the cycle/habit/comfort zone! BTW, love this photo Chris – you’ve nailed ‘the look’ !!

  4. *wished=wishes. It’s not like I changed my mind a week ago or anything. I’m just sleep and not catching my typos. Plus, the “d” is right next to the “s.”

  1. 1 Action and Excuses | Timis.Me

    […] I wanted to share a couple things that have really struck a chord with me lately. One by Chris Brogan, on his three book diet scratch blog. The three book diet is something I am partaking in if you were curious. In a post he makes the point in the title alone: You’re Either Doing Or You’re Making Excuses. […]

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