I’m Wide Awake

Pushing through is all you can do. This morning, I started a 30 day commitment to 4 goals that relate in part to my #3BD efforts. I will start every morning for 30 days with meditation (10 mins minimum). I will work out for 30 days over the next six weeks (5 days on, weekends off). I will eat 100% according to my nutrition plan for 30 days over 37 days (Sunday is off as a cheat day). I will perform three sales-related activities a day for 30 days.

The Practice is the Reward

Most of our problems with developing habits stems from our choice to make excuses coupled with our belief that what we’re doing is a destination or achievement. If I do ____, then I will have hit my goal. But that’s not how the best changes are made, really. Running a marathon doesn’t make one healthy (I know first hand). Making a million dollars doesn’t make one rich. Entropy is the enemy. Entropy and excuses.

Learning to practice and learning to make it a recurring part of my interactions is where I will succeed. These 30 day self challenges are just a way to keep my mind focused on practice.

Make sense?


  1. I keep telling myself, “It’s just 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days.” Fact is, once I’ve done something for 30 days I’ve broken through the wall, broken old habits, and set new ones in place. I can change me in 30 days. Trouble is, I can’t change anyone else around me.

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