Starting With a Fitness Book is Owie

I’m reading You Are Your Own Gym, by Mark Lauren, and it’s a fitness program. Day one has only four exercises, but it’s done such that no matter what level you’re at, you’re aiming at your own breaking point.


  1. I’m starting very weak, but I’m excited.
  2. My body LOVES working out more than I do.
  3. Ladders is such a brilliant workout, because if YOU can only do 3 or 4 of something, fine. That’s where you are. If I can do 9 of something, great. That’s where I am. But we’re doing the same workout.
  4. Getting up earlier is going to be the key. I had a late night webinar last night (Hello, Australia!), so I had trouble waking up. It’ll work better when I’m on my own schedule.

Found the audiobook for The Power of Resilience so I’m going to listen to it while I’m out doing my morning brisk walk. Wish Pema Chodron would release one, too. She has such a beautiful voice and reads her own work so lovely. Oh well.

What? You didn’t know you could use audiobooks?


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